"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

4 Essentials for an Awesome Networking Event

Most networking events are filled with people who seem to vomit business cards all over anyone with a pulse. Many successful people don’t attend networking events, yet their biggest clients and breakthroughs happened via someone in their network.

So what separates the good events from the bad? Here are 4 tips for creating an awesome networking event.

How do you create an outstanding networking event?

1. Invite the right people

Most power players do not attend networking events because decision makers are not usually in attendance. However, I just attended an outstanding networking event hosted by Stephen Meade at a posh restaurant called Fred’s in Beverly Hills. His invitation only networking events are packed with influential people who can bring something to the table.

Power Networking Event Beverly Hills

Larissa, Larry, Pierre, Devin, and I at an awesome networking event in Beverly Hills

2. Fun and Fitting

Great networking events are efficient, entertaining, and exclusive.

Chose the right venue for what you are trying to accomplish. The right place for an investment banking crowd will not be the same as one for a road construction owner crowd.

As a bonus, make sure that they volume of the entertainment keeps the party going without being too loud to carry on a conversation.

3. Broadcast by Narrowcasting

My good friend, Larry Benet is known as “The Connector” and is the founder of SANG Events. He connects you to the tools, people, and resources that you need to be successful. Everyone knows Larry and Larry knows everyone.

Larry and I spoke at the same conference in San Diego last year, and I was impressed with his command of being concise when showing people how to get what they want in business and life. Most people ramble on about meaningless details regarding their business and what they want. When you tighten down your desires for what you want, you will attract the right people quickly.

People may appreciate what you do, but they love people who help them do what they do more profitably and quickly. I wrote more extensively on this in a previous post.

4. Reach out to your attendees for feedback

The people who invested their time and resources to attend your event have excellent insight into what went well and what could be improved. Don’t take things personally, your job is to create outstanding events that people want to attend.

What strategies have you used to create excellent networking events?

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