"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Adele’s Model for Your Success

Adele pulled a great joke on an audience during a BBC audition, but her lessons for your success are priceless!

Adele may be a worldwide superstar, but when she played a joke on a group of talent show contestants, the lessons learned will be music to your ears. Adele auditioned for an Adele look-alike competition on BBC. Even though her latest release has been breaking sales records worldwide; none of the people in the competition recognized the superstar (who auditioned as a soft-spoken nanny named Jenny).

Here are 3 powerful success lessons you can pull from her performance:

1. Non-verbal communication sends a powerful message

Adele wore a fake nose and augmented chin modification, but didn’t greatly change her appearance. She was not recognized largely due to her non-verbal communication cues of slumped shoulders, lack of eye contact, and posture.

Lesson #1:
You don’t have time to schedule your first impression with someone. You must be on your “game” at all times. Never underestimate the power of your attitude. 

2. No one is successful alone

While waiting backstage for her turn to sing, Adele (or “Jenny” in this video) feigned nervousness and anxiety. The other contestants reassured her that she was going to do just fine, and encouraged her to give it her all.

Creating the right “inner circle” is crucial for success. We all rely on other people to lift us up when we are unsure, and we also must lift others up. 

3. Shine when you are on stage.

It only took a few seconds of Adele singing before her true identity was revealed. Why? Because of the countless hours she invested in practicing and honing her performance.

Lesson #3:

Your “stage” may be in a boardroom, a classroom, or in your living room playing with your kids. When you tap into your true talents and practice doing things the right way consistently, the spotlight will shine brightly on you. 

What are some ways that you can shine in your every day life?

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