"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Awesome Reel

What Is an Awesome Reel?

It is that special video clip in our minds that brings us back to our accomplishments.


When we are pursuing a meaningful milestone or goal and recognize a little progress, it is like a shot of encouragement that keeps us going.

The only problem is that moment of euphoria doesn’t last long, and we are quickly back to the hard work of pursuing our goal.

That 95% of the time when you are grinding it out, calling people, working out, or working on your relationships requires a lot of work…hard work! That magic 5% is when we win. Winning a smile, winning a deal, or just blowing past a previously unattainable goal.

The Problem?

We get sidetracked, discouraged, and frustrated. There are days when nothing seems to go our way. We feel like quitting.

We begin to listen to people around us who will pat us on the back and tell us it is okay that we tried our best.

I wrote about overcoming failure in this post.


Victory is when you push yourself a little more, stretch a little more, and fail a lot more.

No, you won’t win at everything. Even the Super Bowl has a loser.

Your Awesome Reel sets you up for success to boost your courage in your darkest hour. Embrace it. Use it.

Reminding yourself of when you’ve achieved even the slightest victories, they will add jet fuel-like enthusiasm to your discipline of greatness.

Keep adding to that list. It keeps you from quitting.
What if you gave up at golf after only one bad swing?
What if you quit fishing because the fish didn’t bite for 5 minutes?
What if your child quit playing a sport after their team’s first loss?

Think of the people who would really benefit from you accomplishing your dream…but won’t if you throw in the towel.


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