"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Ready to Recharge

Recharging your Motivation is something that we all must do, and it is something that only we can do.

I recorded this short video for you from my kayak this morning.

Had to get a quick paddle in before I head to Chicago to speak to an awesome audience of hospital CEO’s this morning.


Life has a strange way of overwhelming you if you don’t send out a crystal clear intention. One of the strategies that every successful person I’ve ever met subscribes to is the importance of recharging.

Whether you call it me time or a date with yourself; investing a few minutes to chill and engage in an activity that you love doing is crucial for long-term motivation and success.

I love paddling my kayak, and while I can’t get in as long of a workout as I would like every day; I do my best to do something every day. (watch Oatmeal is Better than No Meal).

What do you do to recharge?

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