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Someone Paid for It: A Tribute to Veterans

soldier and dog

Veterans pay the price for the freedoms we enjoy every day. 

While you are waiting in line to buy a coffee or meal, realize that someone paid for that.
When you are excited to attend a concert or event, someone paid for that.
When you are eager to get home and feel the warm embrace of a loved one or hear your children laughing, someone paid for that.

Veterans are the sliver of our citizenry who volunteer to protect the freedoms we all hold dear.

Like the superheros of comics and movies, they often live lives of humility, yet will spring into action on a moment’s notice; engaging in the nightmare of battle while most of us sleep soundly.
They’ll often live in conditions that we couldn’t subject prisoners to because they would be deemed “cruel and unusual punishment”. Yet their love of flag and freedom compels them to do so.
These heros proudly wear the uniform of the US Military.
Many have said “Goodbye” to friends and family, hoping to see them again soon; yet realizing that they may be called upon to pay the ultimate sacrifice.
They understand that freedom is never given, nor is it permanent…it is only rented, and the rent is due every day.
Many have drawn their dying breath so that someone they’ve never met can scream at the top of their lungs about how much they dislike our country.
These humble heros return home having experienced atrocities that most people can’t imagine. Many times they are condemned to play those movies on thye screen of their mind every night.
You have the ability to thank those who fight for your freedom.
Shaking a veteran’s hand or hugging them, thanking them for their service is a huge help. Picking up a tab at a restaurant is amazing.
If you could get involved with organizations that help veterans transition from the military back into civilian life; that would be fantastic.
Groups like www.Warrior180.org or www.WoundedWarriorProject.org are great places to start.

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