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Winning a Bowl Game and Your Success Playbook

No championship game has ever been won using a mental playbook.

College football bowl games are upon us, and millions of people will be watching the games live and in person. (My Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing in the Rose Bowl.)

Rose Bowl

Anyone who has watched a football game, knows that the coaches are constantly referring to their playbooks and making adjustments. The players also refer to their playbook wristbands so that they can execute their plays as flawlessly as possible, helping them achieve their desired outcome.

(Here’s the video I just shot on this subject)

Many of us rely on the plans we have in our heads when we are working on achieving an important goal or milestone. While having a strong vision is important, there is a magic that happens when you put pen to paper. Two awesome experts, Lewis Howes and Michael Hyatt unpack this concept brilliantly on this Podcast.

What would have to happen for 2016 to be a fantastic year for you and your family?

What if 3 months or 6 months from now you were able to look back at today, and the goal setting that you invested in as the turning point to helping you create success that you had never dreamed of?

Goal setting breaks down into  simple steps:

  1. Create a compelling vision

Without a strong vision, you will not go anywhere…or at least anywhere that you would like to be.

     2. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write down your goals

Do not worry about the “how” of achieving your outcomes; the how will show up when the why is strong enough.

    3. Pick the Big 3

Having 64 different goals is nice, but ineffective. Decide on 3 top goals that you would like to tackle in the next 30 days. Write those down on a note card and keep it with you at all times. Post copies of it to your bathroom mirror, dashboard of your car, or wherever you will see it frequently.

   4. Put in the hard work.

The grit and perseverance of striving toward achieving your goals is what will keep you rolling when the new-ness and excitement wears off. Don’t give up. If your goal comes easily…find a bigger goal. (related: It’s not a New Year…It’s a Do Year)

What are some of your big goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments section below, and please share this post on your social media pages!


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