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Your “Yes” Inventory and the Importance of Recharging

What is a “Yes” Inventory?

All of the obligations that you agreed to, all of the events you attend, essentially everything you do for someone else’s schedule. We live an insane, hyper-connected world that has made many of us addicted to responding constantly to the needs of others.

Why do we need to take inventory of everything we are doing?

It is incredibly easy to fall victim to a martyr-like syndrome where we never make any time for ourselves. We often blindly agree to things without regard to whether or not we should. Notice that I did not say “have time”…we “make time”.

Chuck Norris’ business manager, Reggie Cochran, and I were speaking at the same event in Las Vegas, and he told me that Chuck turns down 90% of the opportunities that come his way. He understands the value of focusing on what is truly important and not letting the priorities of others dictate his schedule.


The Shef and Reggie Cochran After Motivating a Las Vegas Audience!

Have you ever said things like:

  • “I’m busy, but feel like I’m never moving forward.”
  • “I have kids, so there’s never any time for me.”
  • “When things slow down, then I’ll start working out.”
  • “I can’t ignore my phone, what if someone needs me?”
Success and fulfillment are the result of creating harmony between your boundaries and your obligations. If you don’t take time to fill your own fulfillment tank, you will be unable to give anything to anyone. Here are a few reasons why a “Yes inventory” is essential to your success:

1. Saying “Yes” to everything makes you ineffective at most things.
2. The creative centers of the brain are unable to engage when you are constantly moving or responding.
3. Your physical and mental health usually suffer, as well as your closest relationships
4. You are robbing someone else of the opportunity to serve or to discover the answer for themselves.

For example, a friend of yours invites you to be on the board of a worthy non-profit. You could just explain that you support the charity, but cannot serve them with the quality they deserve at this time.

Maybe you and your spouse have been at one function or another every weekend for the past couple of months when a good friend invites you to a party. “Thanks for the invite, but (spouse) and I have plans.”

You are always living life according to a plan. If it is not your plan, it is someone else’s. They don’t care about you like you do.

Here is a short video I recorded on this subject. Also, remember to subscribe to my Sunrise Motivational Blog!

What do you do to stick to your priorities?

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