"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

3 Beliefs That Sink Businesses Quickly

My Business is Sinking!…


…And I don’t know what to do because my business is different than anyone else’s! No…it’s not.
Success as a small business owner or sales professional is very rewarding…and the road to that success is often paved with panic and failure.
When I’m consulting with small businesses on a 1 on 1 basis, or during a “speed branding” portion of a live event, they’ll often tell my why their business is immune from success strategies and principles which have stood the test of time.

The Solution

BS Bag

My friend Tony Rubleski is also a speaker, and he handed me one of these BS Bags at one of his events.  Once I stopped laughing hysterically, I began to realize that this bag has many uses. Here’s how you can utilize three of them today:

1. We’ll Start Marketing When Business Picks Up

Get your head checked! This is like saying, “We are going to wait until this person has no pulse for 10 minutes before dialing 911.
There are a lot of areas where businesses can trim up; but cutting off the communication with your customer base is NOT one of them!
Toss that one in the BS Bag.

2. People In Our Area Don’t Respond to Things Like This

While my recommendations for marketing campaigns in Beverly Hills will differ from those in Independence, MO; they will all possess similar elements:
– Headline
– Agitate the problem
– Call to Action
– Deadline.We may change the method (direct mail, text, email, etc.); but communication is crucial!
God didn’t get pissed off at your zip code because he wanted your business to fail. Most small business marketing blends in and is boring. Don’t blend in.
I wrote about Boring Marketing Costing You Big Bucks earlier.

3. Our Business Is for Everyone!

If your business is marketed to everyone, your business is marketed to no one. Analyze your most profitable customers, and solve their problems.When you follow a specific direction with your business and your marketing, you will automatically attract and exclude people at the same time.One of my consulting clients, Avery Ranch Chiropractic, in Austin, TX has enjoyed massive growth within their targeted marketplace. They are the leader in the Austin, TX market because of a highly-focused brand and culture that permeates everything they do.Most patients love it…a few patients every year don’t. That’s fine.

These three represent just a few of the many excuses for a lack of success that some businesses may be facing. Now that you have a BS bag to throw everything in…use it and succeed!

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