"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

5 Ways to Become a Celebrity In Your Customer’s Eyes

We are a celebrity driven society.

Most small business owners don’t realize the power or potential of their personal celebrity status. Adding the “sizzle” of celebrity to your personal brand can generate positive momentum for your business.

Celebrity and Fans

How do you become a celebrity in the eyes of your customers or prospects?

Celebrity is the one thing that will push the normal supply and demand scale to the wayside, and will allow you to charge a premium for your products and services.

Here are five simple things that you can do right now to help you grow your celebrity:

1. YouTube videos.

If you are a landscaper, and you customers ask what types of plants to plant in their yard in the spring, shoot a video on that subject. If you are a mortgage broker, do a short video on 4 things that will help you get the best rate.  Give away great content in 2-3 minutes. Here is a short video I recorded for you.

2. Write

Writing is important to your success. Create engaging content for your blog that addresses your customer’s concerns. If you aren’t a great writer, hire someone to clean up your writing.

3. Provide articles for the publications and groups that your target market reads.

When you provide short articles, you are seen as an expert…not a salesperson. If you sell widgets, you could create several articles about widgets and how they are awesome, and submit those articles to Widget Buyer Monthly.

4. Speak

There is nothing that compares to the power of the platform! (even if you have no desire to become a professional speaker).

Many of my coaching clients have discovered that speaking helps them grow their business because it promotes them as an expert and it also provides a medium for them to share great content.

If you would like free speaking resources, just contact my office and we will send it out to you.

5. Leverage your local media

Build relationships with your local media. If there are news items that fall under the umbrella of your area of expertise, send out a short press release and you will quickly be perceived as the expert in your area.

Whether you feel the need to create momentum by leveraging celebrity for your business or not; the perception of your business in the community will differentiate you from the competition if you do. (See this article on power of perception).

What do you do to generate a buzz for your business?

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