"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Magical Business Secrets from Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller are one of the longest running entertainment acts in history. Aside from leaving audiences spellbound every night, they employ fantastic business strategies that keep them at the top of their game.


What does a magic show have to do with your business and your success? A lot. Regardless of your business, the principles that you will discover will help your business grow immediately. Here are 3 business tips you can use right away:

1. Always create new content

Penn and Teller have been entertaining audiences for 40 years, they are constantly creating. Knowing your craft is important. Knowing that your business is either improving or dying is crucial. Keep creating new material, products, and services. Your competition is working on stealing your customers. Stop them.

2. Know your main focus

Business people and creatives tend to be tempted to chase shiny objects and start new projects. Penn Jillette is approached constantly with opportunities, but he typically only accepts those who will sell more tickets to the show. The purpose of your business is to market your business. Nothing happens until something is sold. (Great interview with Penn here)

The most successful people in business say “No” far more than “Yes”. Keep the main thing the main thing.

3. Connect with your fans

As we were leaving the theater, Penn was posing for photos with audience members. After thousands of shows and international stardom, he certainly doesn’t have to personally engage with his fans; but he understands that their fans are the lifeblood of their business.¬†(Related post Becoming a Celebrity In Your Customer’s Eyes)

You may not be a recognized celebrity, but you are an authority in your customer’s eyes. Never ignore the opportunity to create an amazing impression.

Stay connected to your customers, audience, or fans. There is no substitute.

Looking forward to speaking at your next convention, meeting , or event!

What do you do to stay connected to your customers and prospects?

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