"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Sales Masters in Booster Seats

When is the last time you observed a five year old acting refined, calm, and straight faced when they were talking about something that excited them? They may be excitedly describing a trip to the park, a new toy, or even a new friend that they made at school…Five year old children don’t really care what others think when they are sharing a story. They share their excitement and enthusiasm wherever they go! Better yet, if they really want something, they realize the importance of persistence and flexibility.

Child Victory

Move that same excited five year old from their booster seat to the business world several years later, and you may observe them wondering why they are not closing more business, hiring the right kind of people, and enjoying the level of success which they desire. While throwing a temper tantrum in a boardroom when you don’t get your way is not appropriate behavior, why do adults feel like they must act grown up?

Here are three key ideas that will help you unleash your inner five year old sales genius:

1. Appeal to your customer’s emotions. While facts are important, emotion sells…Every time. If you don’t think I’m right, think of the last time you fed your hungry child a fast food hamburger because they were famished. Did you your child lay out their case for feeding them the superb nutrition contained in the McArterySlammer? Doubtful. They were more than likely crabby and a little whiny.  This was their way of getting what they wanted. Sales training master, Tom Hopkins, wrote a fantastic blog on Selling with Emotions. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his insights.

2. Don’t be afraid of “Why?”. When a child doesn’t get what he wants, he usually responds by asking, “Why?” Anyone who has been in sales for longer than twenty minutes realizes that “The Why” is usually buried under several layers of excuses. Just keep asking. All your customer can do is tell you “No”, and you are no worse off than when you walked in the door. If you are afraid of losing a deal because you ask why they are not interested, get over it! Their “Why” could be as simple as needing to wait until the next payday, wanting your product in a different color, or desiring a monthly investment program.

3. Play and Have Fun. One of my consulting clients helps dental offices become more efficient and profitable by integrating top of the line computer systems into their practice. Eric Jess, a great salesman who is always armed with a big smile and his signature bow-tie, will stop by offices with roses on Valentine’s Day, dress up as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, and create smiles everywhere he goes while sharing the magic of Medix Dental because he is creating FUN!

While getting older is mandatory, growing up is not. What are some ways that you are successful because of your child like curiosity, optimism, and drive?

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