"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Waiting to be Knighted

 One of the most consistent comments I hear people mention is that they are not qualified to give advice to others, especially if the recipient of that advice has achieved notable success. While there are professions which require licensing those offering advice (financial planning, insurance, medical, etc.), most areas of life require no such licensing or anointing.


Since great ideas really don’t care where they come from, think about what you do insanely well.

-Are your co-workers telling you how much fun you are?

-Do others ask you what you do to stay in great shape?

-Are you great at planning events?

-Are you an awesome parent or spouse?

I love it when I hear of someone writing their life story to be passed on to their children. Most kids would love to read about the lives of their parents, but the parents pass on before they get around to writing. It is easier today to publish your memories than at any other time in history.

Many times people simply won’t get out of their own way so they can be successful. One of my good friends and early business mentors, Cleve Gaddis, cautioned his audience about the “Getting Ready to Get Ready Syndrome.” Don’t fall into this trap of waiting to take action on what you truly desire or dream about.

You can’t take your gifts with you when you are gone from this Earth. Take some action today to share your gifts with others!No one knows how much sand they have left in the hourglass. Live each moment to the fullest.

What dreams are you excited to take action on?

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