"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

Tiger Woods Motivation and Your Success

The Shef April 17th, 2019 No Comments

What does Tiger’s Masters victory have to do with your success? A lot, actually. Tiger Woods has become one of the most successful professional golfers in the history of the game, but not one who has gone without controversy and setbacks. Even while navigating the personal issues he was dealing with several years ago and […]

Success Lessons to Your 16 Year Old Self

The Shef August 31st, 2018 No Comments

No one can guarantee your success. Our character is forged by the delicate balance of successes we enjoy and failures we endure; and the lessons we glean from them. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 19.9 million college students are projected to attend a 2 or 4 year schools in the fall of 2018. […]

Saving a Life In an Instant

The Shef June 20th, 2018 No Comments

Saving a Life in an Instant. There are a few variables that are more pronounced in this life than life or death. Either you are alive or you are not. Either you are pregnant or you are not. One man in Washington state made a quick decision that is allowing someone to celebrate today with […]

Stop Being Easily Offended

The Shef February 16th, 2018 No Comments

When did we start living in a world where everything was offensive to someone? I remember a time when someone had a different viewpoint than my own and we just agreed to disagree… and life went on. It seems like we are now in an age where people are looking for ways to brand others […]

Thaw Frozen Goals With Action

The Shef January 17th, 2018 No Comments

Abandoning a goal because of fear is like staying inside during winter because you don’t want to put your coat on. You would never think of venturing into sub-zero temperatures and windy conditions without properly protecting your exposed skin. Exposed skin freezes in a matter of minutes, and life can suck for a little while. […]

Someone Paid for It: A Tribute to Veterans

The Shef November 11th, 2017 No Comments

Veterans pay the price for the freedoms we enjoy every day.  While you are waiting in line to buy a coffee or meal, realize that someone paid for that.   When you are excited to attend a concert or event, someone paid for that.   When you are eager to get home and feel the […]

Talent Is Overrated

The Shef August 25th, 2017 No Comments

What beats talent? A lot, actually. You knew kids who were natural born athletes when you were growing up. Their talent allowed them to play 11 sports well, meanwhile, you seemed to trip over air and were the last one picked for the team. While these kids may have excelled at their activity effortlessly, their […]

Strong Connections Don’t Live On a Screen

The Shef May 19th, 2017 No Comments

Creating strong and powerful connections with people and building relationships with them is what life is all about. Whether those relationships are personal or professional; the mark we leave on this world is determined by the quality of the way we impact others. It’s been a rough week for me. Two of my closest friends, Don […]

Winning Business Strategies from a Super Bowl Champion

The Shef April 25th, 2017 2 Comments

Everyone says that they are interested in winning, but few people are willing to put in the disciplined work to do so.   The right effort, skill, and timing makes all the difference in the world in determining your success or failure in many aspects of life. Whether you are kicking the winning field goal […]

Extra Excellence Is Everything

The Shef February 2nd, 2017 No Comments

The attitude of excellence creates customer loyalty. We all enjoy experiencing excellence when we purchase something. Whether it is fresh cookies when you check into a hotel, a bottle of water when you jump into your Uber, or the server at the restaurant going out of their way to make your dining experience outstanding; extras […]


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