"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

3 Ways to Become a More Flexible Speaker

The only thing that will never change is…CHANGE! Any speaker who markets, promotes, and sells at their events like it was 2006 is destined for massive failure! Some people feel that even though the business landscape is constantly changing; their business is immune from having to change. They call those people “Former Speakers”.

While persevering toward a meaningful goal is an essential trait of all successful people; realize that it is okay to change your goals. During my late teens and early 20’s, I was destined to be a rock star. I invested countless hours practicing my guitar, spent days in recording studios, and thousands of miles on the road…pursuing the dream of “making it” in the music business and needing security to fend off beautiful women who were just trying to get my autograph!

Then…my goals changed. I hung up the guitar and picked up a vacuum cleaner. I was learning the world of direct sales and sales management. That decision afforded me the ability to travel around the world, build huge sales organizations, and introduced me to the world of personal development. From there, I launched a successful speaking career and have written several books. The goals changed, but I never gave up (Although, I thought I would be signing a boob, not a book!)

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Shef’s Hair Band Days

Here are 3  ways that any speaker can grow their speaking business by being flexible:

1. Always ask, “So What?”

No matter how awesome or heart-wrenching your story is; the audience will remember you when you show them that you are tuned into their needs. If you think that your story is different, it’s not. Get over it.

2. Get to know your audience before the event!

So many speakers miss the mark on this one! Here are a few basic questions that every speaker should know:

– How many people will be attending?

– What is the gender split of the audience? (anything heavier than 70% either way will require customizing. Women often respond best to relationship and feeling based stories. Men like achievement, recognition, and legacy.)

– What are some challenges that they are dealing with currently?

3. Ask the event planner, “What would make this an awesome event for you?”

Winning a game is so much easier when you know what winning looks like! If you event planner wants the audience to walk away with a particular feeling or action plan; frame your program around that. Talk to several attendees and ask them what they would like to hear. It doesn’t matter what you want; it matters what they want.

Being a great speaker requires constant improvement and flexibility. Continue to hone your craft, and realize that you will never get noticed if you blend into the background. For additional marketing ideas, read my previous post here.

What are some ways that you customize your speaking programs?


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