"Everyone can brighten a room. Some when they enter it and others when they leave."

iPhone Release Lessons for Promoting Your Business

iPhone releases happen around the same time each year, yet many people find themselves speculating, anticipating, then cheer-leading the latest technological wonder from Apple. Customers are buzzed with anticipation like a small child awaiting a Christmas delivery from Santa.

iPhone Release promotion, Apple release event

Apple has not only created innovative and desirable products, they have changed  human behavior like no other company since the invention of the automobile. The buzz of promotion leading up to an iPhone or iPad release is what gets marketing and PR geeks like me really excited.


You may be wishing that you could create an Apple like buzz around your business, product, or service. You can. Here are 3 simple strategies that you can pick up from any iPhone release:

1. Maintain relationships with key people of influence. Do you really think that someone stumbles into the MashableWall Street Journal Blog,  or any other media site off the street and instantly attains credibility? Nope. These outlets are often offered previews and access. There are key people of influence in your business as well. Whether you meet them for a drink, sporting event, or go for a run…relationships matter.

2. Be everywhere your target market is. I noticed that Apple hired Foo Fighters to play at the iPhone launch, not a big band from the 1940’s era. They know their target market and saturate it. I cringe whenever I hear a business owner or sales professional tell me that everyone is their market. If everyone is your market, no one is your market.

3.  Create a memorable presentation. Steve Jobs was a master at creating a memorable message. Tim Cook does a fine job. While you don’t need to hold a release product for your latest product in an arena, make it fun. Add music, possibly an engaging speaker, and possibly some additional incentives for others to show up.

The days of a business controlling every aspect of their marketing are over. Engaged and happy customers will cheer from the mountaintops, and ticked off customers will also share their comments with the world. (Check out my previous blog, 3 Reasons to Date Your Customer).

Will you purchase an iPhone 5? What promotion and marketing techniques work well for your business?

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